Ideal Implant

Definition - What does Ideal Implant mean?

Ideal Implant is a type of breast implant available on the market. The design of the implant includes a silicone outer shell and a saline center. The concept behind this design is in response to the silent rupture that can occur with traditional silicone implants. Silent ruptures are problematic because they can't be detected simply by looking at the breast. This particular implant offers peace of mind without compromising the natural feel that is associated with silicone implants.

TheConsultation explains Ideal Implant

Ideal Implants are an innovative hybrid implant option that merge silicone and saline implants into one option. The two filling chambers of the implant allow the outer shell to be gel-like, which controls the sloshing sound that the saline center can make. This particular implant is one of the most popular on the market, and patients are comfortable with the fact that the material used in the implant is already established and has been in use for years.

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