Definition - What does Invisalign mean?

Invisalign is a customized clear, plastic tray that serves to correct uneven, crooked teeth. It's a less noticeable option than traditional braces. The process includes a series of plastic trays that must be worn for a determined period of time before moving on to the next tray. The result is a slow progression toward a straight, beautiful smile.

TheConsultation explains Invisalign

Individuals who choose Invisalign typically see results in as little as three months. However, it's typical for patients to need to wear a retainer after the series is complete. Usually, it's suggested to wear the retainers forever if you want the results to remain. Keep in mind, Invisalign offers the best results for front teeth, but can be used to correct minor issues with back teeth. Prices and results vary based on plan and service provider.

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