Kamra Inlay

Definition - What does Kamra Inlay mean?

The KAMRA inlay is a safe, tested and practically permanent solution for the correction of presbyopia and everyday near vision restoration. It is an opaque ring with a central opening that is smaller and thinner than usual contact lenses, and very light. This inlay is ideal for any patients over 40 years old who want lasting results in their near vision issues and get rid of glasses and contact lenses.

TheConsultation explains Kamra Inlay

The KAMRA inlay resembles a tiny camera aperture, i.e. it increases the depth of focus. The opening in the centre lets only focused light to enter the eye, providing perfect both near and far vision. In contrast to LASIK or contact lenses that may affect at a great extent distance vision, KAMRA corneal inlay restores near and intermediate vision, preserving at the same time distance vision. If the patient’s eyes don't change over time, the vision with KAMRA inlays will remain stable. Yet, if the patient develops cataracts or the underlying prescription is changed, then alternative therapies for these conditions will be necessary.

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