Laser Genesis

Definition - What does Laser Genesis mean?

Laser Genesis is a YAG laser treatment that reduces wrinkles and redness, treats acne and scarring and smooths skin. This treatment option can even create new collagen to restore a natural, youthful look. The procedure is fast, painless and has no downtime. Many patients even opt for this treatment during their lunch hour and are back to work for their regular schedule. However, patients should be aware that some redness may be visible.

TheConsultation explains Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a treatment plan that usually requires multiple procedures. Patients should expect their treatments to be schedule between two and four weeks apart. The number of treatments will depend on the location and severity of the skin issue. Laser Genesis treats a deeper level of the skin, but can be accomplished in conjunction with other skincare procedures and fillers. Patients should consult their doctor if they plan on having multiple procedures in one day to avoid adverse reactions.

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