Lightsheer Laser

Definition - What does Lightsheer Laser mean?

LightSheer Laser is a clinically-proven laser technology that is used to achieve hair reduction on a variety of skin types. Many people opt for this treatment option because it is done quickly and virtually pain-free. This particular option is best for hair in the earliest stages of growth, but since hair grows at different speeds, multiple treatments should be expected.

TheConsultation explains Lightsheer Laser

Before committing to LightSheer Laser, patients should consult their provider about the various options. It's also customary to test the skin's reaction to the laser on a small surface area. During the treatment, patients are kept as comfortable as possible. Upon completion, most people can see results right away. While the primary use for LightSheer Lasers is for hair reduction, people also use it to reduce the appearance of razor bumps and veins in the legs.

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