Definition - What does Lumineers mean?

Lumineers are a type of dental veneer that is bonded to existing teeth to create a white, straight smile. While Lumineers are ultra-thin, they work to correct a variety of teeth concerns including discoloration, imperfections, and wish to have a straight, white smile forever. Each tooth-shaped veneer is applied directly to the teeth rather than drilling or shaving the teeth, which is the process for other veneer options.

TheConsultation explains Lumineers

Patients who elect Lumineers should expect their new smile after two visits. First, the teeth are prepared for the veneers by taking a mold of the patient's existing teeth. During the next visit, the Lumineers will actually be applied. Once the adhesive sets then the patient is ready to leave the office. Patients should expect the lifespan of their veneers to last between 7-15 years.

However, the application, as well as personal dental habits, can significantly influence that outcome.

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