Nagor Breast Implants

Definition - What does Nagor Breast Implants mean?

Nagor breast implants are breast implants produced by the British company called Nagor, famous for their high quality and variety. The Nagor range offers 270 different styles of breast implants, including both silicone and saline implants. The breast implants are manufactured with high-performance silicone elastomer layers and a 360 degree barrier layer - this ensures the integrity of the outer shell and minimizes the risks of puncturing, deformation, or gel diffusion.

TheConsultation explains Nagor Breast Implants

Nagor breast implants are revered as high quality breast implants, known for their endurability, firmness, and consistency of shape and texture. The surface of the silicone gel-based breast implants in the patented Nagotex texture surface. The NAgotex textured outer shell provides a disruptive contact surface for the collagen interface, thus ensuring the resistance of the implants to ruptures, deformation, or capsular contracture.

The breast implants are manufactured either with soft form stable high cohesive gel or high performance cohesive gel, and are available in 270 different variations in height.

There are five silicone breast implant types available: Impleo (38 round implant options with Nagotex surface), Impleao Smooth (38 round implant options with a smooth surface), Cogel (anatomical teardrop implants with Nagotex surface with six variable height and projection variations), GFX (high performance cohesive silicone gel round implants with 56 options), and RGI (high performance cohesive silicone gel round implants with 48 different options).

Nagor offers saline-filled breast implants as well, available in 64 round implant options with either a smooth or textured surface - made on demand.

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