Non-Surgical Face-Lift

Definition - What does Non-Surgical Face-Lift mean?

A non-surgical face-lift includes various different treatments and interventions which have as a goal to address the aging issues of the face, such as skin relaxation, wrinkles and fine lines and loss of volume. In general, through non-surgical face-lift, the cost is reduced, as well as the risks and complication that the surgical face-lift may entail.

TheConsultation explains Non-Surgical Face-Lift

The most common treatments that are used in combination or separately by plastic surgeons to achieve the effect of the face-lift in a minimally invasive fashion are injectables, laser resurfacing methods, chemical peels, ultrasound or radiofrequency treatments, or the use of PDO threads. In general, nonsurgical face-lift does not require general anesthesia, it can be performed in the comfort of the plastic surgeon’s office and there is no to minimum downtime. However, although these treatments can offer the lifting and tightening effects of a surgical face-lift and provide a youthful look, their results do not last long as it is the case with the surgical approach.

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