Orthognathic Surgery

Definition - What does Orthognathic Surgery mean?

Orthagnathic surgery is used to correct or align the jaw due to issues related to skeletal formation in the patient. This surgery should be conducted by an oral or maxillofacial surgeon in the hospital environment. The actual procedure involves the use of surgical plates, templates, wires and screws. Patients that experience an issue with their bite pattern, speech, or sleep apnea may be candidates for this operation.

TheConsultation explains Orthognathic Surgery

Orthagnathic surgery should only be conducted by a licensed health care professional. It requires a general anesthesia and works with structures related to the airway creating the need for additional medical oversight and precaution. The typical cost of this procedure ranges between $20,000 - $40,000 in the United States. These costs may be influenced by individual patient needs and their geographic location.

Recovery typically takes at least six weeks, but patients may require up to 12 weeks to fully recover from the operation.

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