Penis Enlargement

Definition - What does Penis Enlargement mean?

Penis enlargement procedures and treatments refer to a variety of methods to increase the size or restore the shape of the penis. While there are a collection of options ranging from creams, fillers, and implants, there is still a lot to be researched as far as the longevity of results and potential side effects.

TheConsultation explains Penis Enlargement

Common penis enlargement treatments include injectable fillers and silicone implants. Keep in mind, the fillers are intended as a short-term solution with the need for another treatment after a few months. However, the silicone implant is designed to keep the size and shape until the implant is removed. There are a variety of side effects associated with each treatment that may include redness, swelling, and bruising.

A qualified surgeon will be able to help patients identify which treatment is most appropriate for their situation.

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