Phenol Peel

Definition - What does Phenol Peel mean?

The phenol peel is a deep chemical peel that offers excellent results in both anti-aging and wrinkle correction, discolorations and skin relaxation of the face. After treatment, depending on the type of the peel and the concentration of the phenol, they may appear various side effects on the skin ranging from mild redness and exfoliation to more severe shedding of the superficial skin layers requiring a long recovery period with antibiotic treatment and staying at home.

TheConsultation explains Phenol Peel

Nowadays, technology offers a phenol peel at various concentrations so cosmetic dermatologists can use the suitable formula that is required for each person's particular needs, offering a safe and with minimal side effects therapy.

Former phenol peels were surgical peels (peels performed in a surgical setting), with monitoring of the heart function. Now a phenol peel just requires a careful patients’ selection. As phenol penetrates in the deepest layers of the skin, it may result in irreversible hypopigmentation. For this reason, patients with dark skin aren't advised to use phenol peels.

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