Quick Lift

Definition - What does Quick Lift mean?

Quick Lift is categorized as a minimally invasive face-lift procedure. The intent of the operation is to lift and tighten the lower portion of the face and neck. The intention of the procedure is to give people an immediate result without looking unnatural. This option is ideal for individuals who simply don't have the desire or time to commit to a face-lift procedure.

A Quick Lift requires less downtime in comparison to traditional face-lift surgery.

TheConsultation explains Quick Lift

Quick Lift is typically a cosmetic solution for those aged 40 years or older. People of this age usually begin to lose the elasticity of their skin and loosening near the jowls, jawline, and neckline occur. While the procedure certainly improves sagging skin, it goes a step further by tightening the underlying structures of the face. The results are immediate and long-lasting.

However, natural aging continues even after the procedure so maintenance procedures may be required in the future.

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