Definition - What does SculpSure mean?

SculpSure is a nonsurgical procedure designed to reduce or eliminate fat. It uses a laser to target fat cells in multiple areas. No anesthesia is required, and no incision is made, which means little recovery time and minimal discomfort. This treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure and may be used on men or women.

TheConsultation explains SculpSure

The Food and Drug Administration. or the FDA, has approved the use of the SculpSure for treatment to the upper and lower abdominal area and the flanks to eliminate fat cells. It is a noninvasive lipolysis procedure. A heat laser belt is used to eliminate cells using specific wavelengths. The number of applicators used per procedures varies, based on the area being targeted, but it can be up to four per treatment. A consultation will be the first step to determine how many sessions are necessary for the patient to achieve their goals. They will be seated in a reclining position for the actual procedure, and the heat belt will be wrapped around the person. The laser will be directed to the target area to melt away the fat cells, while not causing any problems for other tissue. The person will feel heat and then coolness with the device. The treatment will take around 25 minutes, but the patient can read or take a nap. It will take around 12 weeks for the cells to be flushed out. If a second treatment needs to be done, it will be scheduled after this time period. There may be some bruising to the affected area and some tingling and soreness, but no serious side effects should be experienced. The person may return to work the same day of the procedure.

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