Silicone Injections

Definition - What does Silicone Injections mean?

Silicone injections are used to enhance the appearance of several different body parts. These include the lips, buttocks, cheeks or face. While medical grade silicone and licensed professionals have been approved to administer these treatments, there has been an uptick in unlicensed providers using silicone or other materials and marketing them as silicone injections.

TheConsultation explains Silicone Injections

Silicone injections utilize high quality, and medically sound silicone that is injected into areas that patients want to enhance. These injections help to enlarge and increase the volume of the targeted areas. Many patients receive silicone injections to enhance the appearance of their lips or fill out areas of the face or buttocks. Due to an increase in unlicensed or low quality or misrepresented silicone, the Food and Drug Administration has released warnings on these procedures.

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