Definition - What does Simpli5 mean?

Simpli5 is classified as an express aligner system that offers quick results for individuals who have minor to moderate teeth crowding or spacing. The system can offer up to five trays that may accommodate dual and single-arch mouths. The process offers a slow and steady process that results in 1/2 mm of movement per tray.

TheConsultation explains Simpli5

Simpli5 is known for its convenience and affordability. Individuals can expect to have impressions and aligners in only 3-4 weeks. Ideal patients include individuals who are further along in their OrthoClear process or people who would benefit from mild to moderate adjustment. It could potentially be a solution for patient's who are experiencing ortho relapse from previous adjustments.

Simpli5 is considered a more economical option as it averages 20 percent less than other similar systems.

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