Sinus Surgery

Definition - What does Sinus Surgery mean?

A sinus surgery is an operation designed to open the airways associated with the nasal passage. Multiple operation methods can help to reduce blockages and increase the potential airflow into the lungs. A sinus surgery can also be effective for patients who have a history of long term or chronic sinus infections or a growth in the sinus cavity.

TheConsultation explains Sinus Surgery

Doctors and surgeons will typically try other treatment options before resulting to sinus surgery. When less invasive options have failed to provide relief, an operation is the best hope for patients. However, sinus surgery isn’t overly uncomfortable and has relatively few side effects. The goal of surgery is to remove any blockages or relieve issues associated with sinusitis or nasal polyps.

There are a variety of different procedure types, and while most are outpatient, some require hospital stays.

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