Smart Lipo

Definition - What does Smart Lipo mean?

Smart Lipo is a type of liposuction that utilizes a laser for fat removal. The laser heats up the fat and turns it into liquid so that it can be removed through a tube. This tube is known as a cannula and is very thin. Smart Lipo is less invasive than traditional liposuction and has a shorter recovery time. It’s also known as Laser Lypolysis or Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis.

TheConsultation explains Smart Lipo

Many patients choose Smart Lipo because of the shorter time period for recovery and for the precise results the procedure provides. The laser will heat up the fat cells and cause them to disintegrate without impacting any surrounding tissue or cells. Once the procedure is complete, the patient will be given an antibiotic to prevent infection and pain medication to use the first one or two days after lipo surgery. The patient will need to rest for the first two days after the procedure, but will then be able to resume light activities after this initial period. Three weeks after surgery, normal activity can be resumed. One of the benefits of this procedure is the ability for the laser to increase collagen production to the surrounding skin. It will tighten up to avoid sagging in an area that now has less fat. More than one area of the body may be treated with a single session of Smart Lipo. Patients can expect some light bruising and tenderness at the site of the procedure, but this will go away in a few days.

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