SmartLipo MPX

Definition - What does SmartLipo MPX mean?

SmartLipo MPX is a laser body sculpting procedure which is a safer, less invasive, and more precise operation than traditional liposuction. SmartLipo MPX entails the usage of a carefully calibrated laser which liquefies the targeted fat deposits. The fat deposits are then removed with suction. The procedure requires only local anesthesia and has a significantly shorter recovery period than traditional liposuction.

The goal of the procedure is the removal of stubborn fat pockets, with the result being body sculpting and toning.

TheConsultation explains SmartLipo MPX

SmartLipo MPX is a superior version of the liposuction procedure in which a laser is used to target the unwanted pockets of fat and liquefy them. A cannula with a 2mm diameter is inserted into the skin in order to deliver laser energy to the selected spots. The fat turns into liquid form under the carefully applied heat of the laser, and this softened and liquefied matter is then removed through suction.

The removal of the fat in this form is much easier and faster, which results in far less bruising and trauma for the patient. The SmartLipo MPX procedure has an additional benefit, which is the tightening of the skin – a component especially significant for older patients who have a high risk of being left with sagging skin after liposuction. SmartLipo MPX can be performed on every area of the body, and the recovery time doesn’t take more than a week.

A compression garment is still necessary, but is kept on for no longer than 7 days.

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