Smoothbeam Laser

Definition - What does Smoothbeam Laser mean?

The Smoothbeam laser is an innovative multi-effect non-ablative laser with selective water absorption. Its application is based on the advanced Laser Assisted Skin Renewal – Collagen Remodeling (LASR) technology. This is a completely different approach to addressing the issues of the natural aging process and photoaging of the epidermis that are the main causes of skin elasticity reduction, volume loss and wrinkle formation.

TheConsultation explains Smoothbeam Laser

The Smoothbeam Laser is suitable for wrinkles and fine lines in the forehead, under the eyes and crow’s feet, smoker's lines, as well as wrinkles of the neck. Apart from the anti-aging treatment it offers, it also successfully treats acne scars and promotes the treatment of active acne. It is a safe and painless procedure, as the system incorporates the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) to protect skin during application. Skin is cooled before, during and at the end of the laser application, providing safety throughout the session.

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