Definition - What does Smoothshapes mean?

Smoothshapes is a medical procedure designed to reduce cellulite with the use of laser therapy. Cellulite is caused by engorged fat cells that cause a dimpling appearance on the skin’s surface. Smoothshapes targets the fat cells and destroys them without making an incision through the skin. The effects of the procedure are often visible two weeks later.

TheConsultation explains Smoothshapes

Smoothshapes typically utilizes a bi-weekly treatment regimen that lasts for a total of four weeks. This means that in just eight treatments, patients can resolve issues they have been fighting with cellulite. Patients claim that there's very little discomfort, typically only a warming sensation and sometimes a small amount of redness at the application sites. When used in combination with liposuction, patients have even greater successes.

Smoothshapes is typically used on the hips, abdomen, waistline and buttocks.

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