Definition - What does truSculpt mean?

truSculpting is a fat reduction technology that is typically used when patients don't meet the profile for Coolsculpting. This process targets areas of fat that are either too small, or too large to be adequately treated by Coolsculpting. truSculpting utilizes a radiofrequency that creates warming to the underlying fat cells.

TheConsultation explains truSculpt

truSculpting targets and eliminates fat cells by a medical provider that utilizes a handheld, non-invasive wand. This wand delivers a radiofrequency to the underlying fat cells that warms the targeted cells to a temperature that damages them. The damaged fat cells can no long function and will die and be removed from the body. Treatment generally consists of four 15-minute mini sessions in a single one-hour office visit.

Results are typically visible within 1-3 months.

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