Tummy Tuck Revision

Definition - What does Tummy Tuck Revision mean?

Tummy tuck revision, otherwise referred to as a secondary tummy tuck, is a cosmetic procedure that follows an initial tummy tuck. There are a variety of reasons that a person may opt for a tummy tuck revision surgery. The process includes tightening loose, lax skin in the midsection. Common reasons for a tummy tuck revision include weight gain, pregnancy or unsatisfactory results from the first procedure.

TheConsultation explains Tummy Tuck Revision

Tummy tuck revision is offered by most plastic surgeons. However, with the development of other less invasive and even non-surgical options, some people choose to avoid a second tummy tuck and rely on other solutions to tighten their skin or remove fat. Patients who do choose to get a tummy tuck revision should be aware that they will experience a similar recovery time as they had with the original tummy tuck. Results will vary from person to person.

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