Definition - What does Vasectomy mean?

A vasectomy is a simple and quick surgical procedure performed by specialists, mainly urologists and general surgeons or some general practitioners in which the tubes in the scrotum that carry sperm (vas deferens) are cut and sealed. This blocks sperm from leaving the body and the possibility of pregnancy is eliminated.

As it is expected, a vasectomy is a particularly effective method for male birth control with almost a 100-percent success rate.

TheConsultation explains Vasectomy

A vasectomy is usually performed in an outpatient setting in the doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic under local anesthesia and the patient can return home the same day. There are two methods of vasectomy: the incision technique, and the non-scalpel (no-incision) technique. The benefits of a non-scalpel vasectomy are that the risk of infection and other complications are minimized, and requires less recovery time. A vasectomy offers permanent results, meaning that they usually can't be reversed.

Therefore, men should only choose a vasectomy if they are completely sure that they don't want to create life after the procure is performed.

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