Definition - What does VASER Shape mean?

VASER Shape is a non-invasive, non-surgical anti-cellulite technique. It uses a combination of massage therapy and ultrasound diathermy in order to remove cellulite, as well as tone, and contour the body. This body-shaping treatment is ideal for people who have previously undergone liposuction, as it helps correct and accentuate the new figure.

Additionally, the treatment promotes the drainage of excess toxins and fats, and is known to reduce post-operative pain and swelling.

TheConsultation explains VASER Shape

VASER Shape implements ultrasound diathermy, which is the usage of high frequency sound waves which create a micro-massage effect, heating up the fat cells in the deep tissue and dissolving them. VASER Shape only temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite, giving the body a smoother and slimmer shape. For long lasting effects, the treatment has to be carried out on a regular basis.

The ultrasound diathermy is supported by zonal massage therapy. Zonal massage therapy stimulates the lymphatic system – the lymphatic system’s function is the filtering of toxins and bacteria in the body, removing waste and excess fluids. Through zonal massage therapy, VASER Shape stimulates and enhances this process, making it a body toning treatment that has not only aesthetical value, but additional health benefits as well.

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