Definition - What does VenaSeal mean?

VenaSeal is a body procedure that permanently treats varicose veins that are close the surface of the skin. The process includes placing a catheter into the skin near the vein and injecting medical glue directly into the vein. The result is that the vein is closed off so the blood must redirect to healthy veins.

TheConsultation explains VenaSeal

VenaSeal reduces the appearance of the varicose veins, but the primary focus of this procedure is to also provide relief for mild to moderate symptoms associated with varicose veins (pain, swelling, difficult moving). Patients should expect a local anesthesia and a recovery time of about one week. Many patients report no pain during or after the procedure. This particular approach to varicose vein treatment is especially attractive because it reduces the risk of nerve injury that sometimes happens when operating on smaller veins.

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