Wrinkle Treatment

Definition - What does Wrinkle Treatment mean?

Wrinkle treatement refers to a broad selection of non-surgical treatments that may be used to rejuvenate the skin. Collagen and elastin are two of the primary substances that play a critical role in the formation of wrinkles. Determining which treatment plan is right for the patient will depend on the severity of the breakdown of these substances. Wrinkles are most commonly caused by natural aging, continual muscle movement, sun damage and overall volume loss of the skin.

A thorough examination of the skin is required in order to best identify which treatment plan will yield the most satisfying results.

TheConsultation explains Wrinkle Treatment

There are a variety of treatment options available for correcting wrinkles. Some of the most popular options include: Botox, injectable fillers, laser treatments and chemical peels.

Botox: Commonly used to prevent the formation of future wrinkles or the deepening of existing wrinkles.

Injectable fillers: Commonly used to temporarily fill existing wrinkles. Once the wrinkles are filled, additional treatments may be suggested such as dermabrasion or skin resurfacing.

Laser Treatments: Commonly used to resurface the skin and give a youthful appearance.

Chemical peels: Another treatment used to resurface the skin. There are a variety of chemical peels that vary in intensity.

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