Zoom Whitening

Definition - What does Zoom Whitening mean?

Zoom teeth whitening is a dental process that accelerates teeth whitening. Zoom whitening is used for teeth that have been stained through food, diet, smoking, or the process of aging. This method uses Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Whitening to accelerate the hydrogen peroxide solution and accelerate the process of teeth bleaching.

TheConsultation explains Zoom Whitening

This whitening process uses hydrogen peroxide to break down the stains that can be left on the teeth for various reasons. The oxygen from hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel and dentin and bleaches the stain. This leaves the structure of the tooth intact. The process takes less than an hour and utilizes a gel substance that is activated when exposed to a specific light.

This process is repeated for a total of three, 15-minute applications.

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