Definition - What does Umbilicoplasty mean?

Umbilicoplasty refers to the cosmetic procedure that transforms the shape of the belly button. Originally, the procedure was first performed to repair umbilical hernias in infants and small children. However, people often opt for this surgery if they want to reshape their belly button so that it appears smaller and more vertical.

TheConsultation explains Umbilicoplasty

Umbilicoplasty is commonly selected by women who have been pregnant or would like to reshape their belly button after a piercing. The surgery itself involves cutting away the excess skin around the belly button and create higher or lower angles based on the patient's preference. Once the position is correct, the incisions are closed. Patients should expect minor pain and discomfort following the procedure. Most people can return to most of their regular activities after a day or two, but exercise routines may need to be put on hold for a few weeks.

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