Flank Liposuction

Definition - What does Flank Liposuction mean?

Flank liposuction, also known as love handle liposuction, is a surgical procedure that removes the fat from the sides of the abdomen, also known as love handles. This procedure is recommended for patients who don't respond well to traditional weight-loss methods. Love handles are a very common site of fat build-up for both women and men and although this is a relatively small amount of fat, approximately 7-10 oz, it still spoils the overall desired body appearance for patients.

TheConsultation explains Flank Liposuction

At the beginning of flank liposuction, a liquid is injected into the treated area through a 2-3 mm incision. Afterward, a special cannula connected to a suction device is inserted and the excess local fat is sucked out. After the procedure, the patient wears a special corset for 4-6 weeks and they can return to their everyday activities as soon as the next day. There is noticeable improvement about 4-6 weeks after surgery when the swelling has subsided, however, the end results are apparent after about 6 months.

The ideal candidates for flank liposuction are people with normal weight and with elastic skin that have a local excess of fat in the love handles. Younger patients, due to the elasticity of the skin, usually have better results. Since the area is relatively small and the local fat is quite soft, flank liposuction is a quick and easy intervention. The fat from the love handles can be easily removed with local or general anesthesia in an outpatient setting during a process that lasts 1-2 hours, depending on the situation and the patient’s expectations. Another advantage of this body area is good skin elasticity. Removing fat from this body part almost never results in sagging skin. This is very important since it can be applied even to people who are prone to skin relaxation.

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