Juvederm Ultra

Definition - What does Juvederm Ultra mean?

Juvederm Ultra injectable gel is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler applied into the areas of the face where moderate to severe wrinkles and creases are present, plus other sites with volume loss, such as the midface, cheeks and lips. It's used to temporarily add volume to the skin and subcutaneous tissues in order to achieve a smoother skin appearance by eliminating the more prominent facial wrinkles and folds, and by enhancing facial features.

TheConsultation explains Juvederm Ultra

As Juvederm Ultra's results are often short-lived, patients usually need to have touch-ups, as well as repeat injections, in order to preserve the desired correction. Most of the time, in these follow-up sessions, less material (about half the amount) could be sufficient. Most patients usually need one or possibly two treatments to achieve maximum wrinkle elimination or the desired lip fullness and volume. The results, although temporary, may last from nine months to one year.

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