Definition - What does Taping mean?

Taping is a method used to assist in the recovery process associated with a rhinoplasty. Taping is an effective method for minimizing swelling that occurs after the procedure. The slight pressure that the tape applies to the bridge of the nose decreases the likeliness of the tissue expanding and creating more discomfort to the patient. Typically, taping is suggested for the first 5-7 days following the procedure.

TheConsultation explains Taping

There are generally two ways that a surgeon may apply taping to the nose following a rhinoplasty. The surgeon may apply tape directly over the bridge of the nose or apply over the bridge as well as under the tip of the nose. Surgeons usually suggest removing the tape for a period of time during the day, but to apply the tape to the nose again before going to sleep since this is usually when swelling most likely occurs. Not only does this help with swelling, but it can also help the nose take shape faster and promote a quicker recovery.

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