Collagen Fibers

Definition - What does Collagen Fibers mean?

Collagen fibers refer to the material that provides skin its structural strength and gives skin its elasticity and influences the overall skin's health. Collagen fibers are also responsible for the strength in a variety of other body parts, as well. In terms of cosmetic surgery, many individuals seek a variety of procedures to promote new collagen in the skin to restore elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

TheConsultation explains Collagen Fibers

Collagen fibers can influence the strength and durability of the skin's cartilage. Cartilage can be found in a variety of body areas, including between bones, ears and nose. Specifically, when cartilage in the skin or nose break down, it can influence how those body parts form. Cartilage is often removed or enhanced to create a more shapely nose. However, there are plenty of additional non-invasive cosmetic procedures that promotes the creation of collagen to restore skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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