Nose Splint

Definition - What does Nose Splint mean?

In cosmetic surgery, a nose splint refers to the bandage-like material positions on your nose after a rhinoplasty in order to keep the nose in place during recovery. This particular step in the recovery process is critical in maintaining the desired shape of the nose. Early removal of the nose splint could result in the need for reconstruction surgery. Typically, individuals are required to wear the nose splint for 5-7 days following surgery.

TheConsultation explains Nose Splint

A nose splint following rhinoplasty ensures that the cartilage and bone remain in place. This size, shape and profile of the nose can change drastically following a rhinoplasty procedure, and in some cases, during recovery, the nose may naturally try to take on a slightly different shape than intended. This is why the nose splint is critical. It ensures that the nose remains in place and does not allow the cartilage or bone to shift. The nose split will also protect the nose and even reduce swelling. Patients should not remove the nose splint until told to do so by their surgeon.

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