Open Surgery

Definition - What does Open Surgery mean?

Open surgery refers to a method of traditional surgery in which an incision is made into the flesh with a scalpel and requires insertion of medical instruments into the body. The result can be a larger scar. In some instances, new methods have allowed other options rather than open surgery, but there is still a need for this particular type of surgery in both regular and cosmetic procedures.

TheConsultation explains Open Surgery

Open surgery is often compared to non-invasive treatments. While it is true that some cosmetic procedures can be accomplished with the closed surgery method, in some instance the open surgery method is still preferred. For instance, rhinoplasty can be performed as either an open or closed surgery. Open surgery is usually elected when there needs to more focus on the tip rather than issues with cartilage inside the nose. Many surgeons prefer this method because of the increase of control and improved surgical access.

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