Barbed Suture

Definition - What does Barbed Suture mean?

A barbed suture contain barbs that grab the tissue without loosening their grip once tension is applied and prevent the suture from sliding back. Suture suspension methods have been applied in many surgical specialties for the last 50 years, and barbed sutures have been recently launched for suturing skin and deeper structures that require continuous suture.

TheConsultation explains Barbed Suture

Since their introduction in 1964, barbed sutures are used in cosmetic, urological, orthopedic and gynecological surgeries. Barbed sutures can be made from either absorbable or non-absorbable materials. In cosmetic plastic surgery, barbed sutures are generally used with minimally invasive procedures. However, barbed sutures can be used in both facial and other plastic surgery procedures, with remarkably favorable results in various open cosmetic surgeries, like suspension of the brow and midface, platysmaplasty and lateral neck suspension.

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