Nipple Asymmetry

Definition - What does Nipple Asymmetry mean?

Nipple asymmetry describes the differences between two nipples in terms of the nipple-to-midline distances and the nipple height. The majority of women demonstrate some kind of asymmetry in the location of the right and left nipple-areola complex. The most frequently observed nipple asymmetry regards the right nipple that is usually located inferior to the left one. The difference in vertical distance in the majority of women usually varies within 0.8 inches. The vertical inter-nipple distance seems to be slightly more prominent in a right-lower position of the nipple.

TheConsultation explains Nipple Asymmetry

Asymmetries of the nipple-areola complex are a usual complication of breast augmentation. In order to minimize this risk, the supra-areola incision is usually used as a first-line approach in an initial breast augmentation surgery with nipples of adequate size and evidence of mild asymmetry. A comprehensive preoperative nipple and breast analysis customized for each patient is also invaluable. After the evaluation, any observed asymmetries can be discussed with the patient, as well as the possibility for continued or even more prominent asymmetry after surgery.

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