Physical Exfoliation

Definition - What does Physical Exfoliation mean?

Physical exfoliation is a skin care treatment also known as a scrub, which uses a physical exfoliant in the form of a lotion, face mask, crème or gel. The physical exfoliant is applied onto the skin and then subsequently scrubbed off with a tool, such as a brush or a sponge. The physical exfoliant draws out the dirt from the pores, and the tool subsequently removes it. The goal of the procedure is to produce cleaner and more youthful-looking skin. The treatment is not recommended to sensitive skin types which irritate or bruise easily.

TheConsultation explains Physical Exfoliation

Physical exfoliants are made of natural ingredients, such as ground down products in the likes of nuts or plant extracts. Large exfoliants such as fruit pits and nut shells should be handled with care as they are very rough which can lead to micro-tears in the skin, which can subsequently lead to infection. However, physical exfolaints, although made of natural ingredients, often include microbeads, which is a non-biodegradable ingredient making the treatment environmentally unfriendly. Tools which are used for the scrub are brushes, sponges, or cloth which is meant to rub off the products previously applied.

Physical exfoliation cleans the skin, effectively removing dirt, and dead skin cells which are on the surface of the skin. The treatment isn't recommended to people with sensitive skin, as the tools are harsh and can cause significant irritation to the skin during the scrubbing process. Gentler chemical exfoliation methods are recommended for those with sensitive skin types. While physical exfoliation can be done at home, popular types of the treatment that are done by trained professionals are microdermabraison and dermaplaning.

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