Definition - What does Lipomastia mean?

Lipomastia is an issue when adipose fat tissue builds up and causes breast enlargement. This condition is difficult for patients to differentiate between gynecomastia for males. While lipomastia is only the buildup of fat tissue, it should be reviewed by a medical professional to rule out other potentially serious medical issues.

TheConsultation explains Lipomastia

The buildup of additional fat tissue in males' pectoral region may cause the appearance of breasts. While lipomastia itself, isn't a serious health concern, there are other serious issues which should be ruled out. Lipomastia can be an issue for which a male would like to see a reduction or elimination. The increase of fat tissue in the breast region can be reduced through diet and exercise with specific exercises focused on the pectoral region. A third option is liposuction.

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