Definition - What does Cannula mean?

A cannula is an important tool used to successfully complete a liposuction procedure. It is a stainless steel tube that is inserted into the target area and then removes the excess fat from the body. The fat is then suctioned through the cannula via a flexible plastic tube that is attached to the cannula and a vacuum pump.

TheConsultation explains Cannula

Plastic surgeons indicate that the cannula is instrumental in a successful liposuction procedure. Many feel that the cannula can determine the outcome and recovery for the patient. The size of the cannula is especially important and the thinner it is, the smoother the result. Cannulas used to only come in the 5mm size which made it easier to extract fat, but usually resulted in more bruising and lumps. Now, the 3mm size is offered and many surgeons prefer it because it can target fat faster and more aggressively.

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