Ruptured Implant

Definition - What does Ruptured Implant mean?

A ruptured implant is a breast implant that has been torn or has developed a hole and it's a known complication of both breast reconstruction and augmentation. The risk of rupture is increased in older implants than new ones, while its main cause remains the surgical instrumentation. However, most ruptures usually aren't noticeable and involve no serious health risks. In case of symptoms, the patient either can be observed or should remove the implants with or without replacement.

TheConsultation explains Ruptured Implant

The ruptured saline implant ruptures usually leak very fast, altering the size and/or shape of the breast. A slow leak, though, may not be immediately detectable. The saline that is leaked is absorbed by the body, causing no problems, unless the implant is contaminated. In this case, it may result in a serious infection.

On the contrary, a ruptured silicone implant leaks slowly and can be unnoticeable for a long time. Sometimes, it won't be discovered until its removal. This is why these ruptures are also known as “silent”. Upon rupture, the silicone may either remain inside or leak outside the capsule, causing potentially serious problems. The longer a patient waits to have a ruptured silicone implant removed, the more complicated the situation may be.

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