Tear-Drop Implant

Definition - What does Tear-Drop Implant mean?

A tear-drop or anatomical implant is the implant with a shape like a teardrop, i.e. it's fuller in the lower half part. It's the shape which many patients prefer, as it resembles the natural breasts, creating a smoother and more natural upper pole appearance. Besides, it's suitable for more breast types compared to a round implant.

TheConsultation explains Tear-Drop Implant

A tear-drop implant best suits patients with mild sagging breasts, lower-sitting nipple location and those with tubular breasts. It's also an excellent choice for those with low body fat and petite frame, little breast tissue or those who are looking for a natural look. Tear-drop implants offer better décolletage because of their wider diameter and can lift and centralize the placement of the nipples. Due to the materials used, they usually cost more than round implants.

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