Rechargeable Brush

Definition - What does Rechargeable Brush mean?

A rechargeable facial cleansing brush is a powerful and efficacious method to remove the environmental pollutants and make-up remnants which build up on the skin throughout the day. They're, in fact, a feasible and practical way to exfoliate the surface of the skin regularly without using chemical or aggressive mechanical means, while thoroughly and deeply cleansing the face.

TheConsultation explains Rechargeable Brush

The quick movements of these rechargeable brushes result in a much more intense cleansing effect than a conventional, manual cleansing routine. The addition of a rechargeable facial brush to a consistent skincare routine offers up to six-fold deeper cleanse than using just the hands. It can also improve the results of the skincare regimen, as it facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients of the skincare products. However, a rechargeable brush is more suitable for more “resistant” skin types, such as oily skins, whereas people who suffer from rosacea, or have broken blood vessels and sensitive skin should probably refrain from its use and better consider a more gentle manual cleansing method.

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