Punch Excision

Definition - What does Punch Excision mean?

Some ice-pick acne scars are too deep to be treated by dermabrasion or other resurfacing methods alone. Punch excision is a minimally invasive procedure where the dermatologist, using a surgical instrument called punch, removes the scars one by one. The resulting wound is closed, either with stitches or with a tiny skin graft.

In some cases where more types of scarring exist, the procedure is combined with other resurfacing treatments, such as chemical peels or laser therapies.

TheConsultation explains Punch Excision

Whereas there are no specific risks related to punch excision, patients should know that this treatment may leave behind minimal scarring which is much less noticeable than the original lesions. Moreover, patients may not see immediate improvement and they may need to cleanse wounds and change bandages daily. Also, patients may expect some bruising in the first couple of weeks.

In terms of cost, this ranges from some hundred dollars to thousands more depending on the extent of the problem and, as it is considered a cosmetic procedure, it's generally not covered by the medical insurances.

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