Punch Elevation

Definition - What does Punch Elevation mean?

Punch elevation is a common treatment option for acne scarring, especially for ice-pick scars up to 0.08 inches deep, as well as deep boxcar scars with sharp edges and normal base. It may also require punch excision of small acne scars with a punch of the same or slightly greater diameter. After the skin heals, it appears smoother with a significant reduction in the number of pockmarks.

TheConsultation explains Punch Elevation

During the punch elevation procedure, the same instrument used in punch excision is used to remove the base but not the walls of the scar. As soon as the scar tissue base is efficiently punched, the base of the scar is then repositioned to the sides, but lifted in the same level with the surface of the skin, meaning the scar base is elevated. This elevation makes the scar appear much less deep and, thus, much less noticeable.

The advantage of this method is that it reduces the risk of surface abnormalities, color differences or residual scarring.

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