Keloid Scar

Definition - What does Keloid Scar mean?

A keloid scar, also known as keloid, is a scar that grows larger than the original wound and it may be permanent. In contrast to hypertrophic scars, keloid scars can be formed even after minimal skin damage, like acne, or, in some cases, they can occur without any obvious skin trauma; the latter are called spontaneous keloids.

TheConsultation explains Keloid Scar

The treatment of a keloid scar is challenging. In order to minimize the risk of another keloid development after therapy, a combination of various interventions may be necessary. It is true that there is no ideal therapy that suits all types of keloid scars. For optimal results, the dermatologist selects the therapeutic approach according to the patient’s age, type of the keloid scar, as well as other parameters.

Treatments include injection of a steroid into the keloid, application of a potent steroid cream or steroid-containing tap, radiotherapy, cryotherapy and laser treatments. The surgical removal or excision is rarely successful since, through this approach, a larger wound is caused and, therefore, the keloid is likely to regrow in it.

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