Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD)

Definition - What does Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) mean?

A Dynamic cooling device (DCD) is a tool used in conjunction with laser hair removal treatments in order to keep the targeted areas of skin at a soothing, cool temperature. This allows the technician to use the laser device at a higher, more efficient frequency, without causing the patient any additional damage or pain. The device sprays cryogen on the skin during the procedure, effectively numbing the skin.

TheConsultation explains Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD)

A Dynamic cooling device has become an integral part of laser hair removal treatments. The DCD cools the top most level of the skin (epidermis) without affecting the levels beneath it, by spraying cryogen on the selected area. The cryogen is sprayed during the hair removal procedure itself, timed so that it is sprayed onto the skin directly before and after each laser pulse.

This reduces the risks of blistering, scarring and pigmentary disturbances that come with any laser treatment. Furthermore, this allows the DCD procedure to be more effective, as the cooling sensation works as pain relief as well. This allows the technician to use higher levels of thermal energy, while the DCD minimizes the pain that comes with the laser pulses and the heat they produce.

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