Definition - What does Hyfrecation mean?

Hyfrecation is a low-powered medical device that destroys tissue it comes in contact with. Hyfrecation is used for a variety of skin treatments, including the removal of warts, superficial vein removal, and pearly penile papules and more. Hyfrecation accomplishes this by burning off the target area. The intensity of the hyfrecation treatment is adjustable and can coincide with the location and severity of the target location.

TheConsultation explains Hyfrecation

There are two principal modes of hyfrecation: Desiccation and Fulgeration. Desiccation refers to the mode in which electrical current is used to burn off the target area that the device comes in contact with. Fulgeration refers to the mode in which a deliberate spark is created near the lesion or skin condition. This particular method operates at much higher temperatures.

The primary distinction between the two modes has to do with whether or not the condition is superficial.

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