Local Flap

Definition - What does Local Flap mean?

A local flap is a flap that is transferred from an area next to the defect and is used in plastic surgery mainly for facial reconstruction. A flap is a piece of tissue used for reconstruction that is transplanted from the donor site to the recipient site while maintaining the blood supply.

TheConsultation explains Local Flap

The main advantage of a flap, more specifically, a local flap, is that a local flap offers a cosmetic result similar in color, texture, and thickness, as well as hair growth to the recipient site, whereas it has greater chance to survive compared to a skin graft. Although local flaps provide a very satisfactory aesthetic outcome, they are not suitable for extensive skin defects. That is because they run the risk to distort to a great extent the anatomy of the surrounding area. In such cases, skin grafts are preferred.

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