Definition - What does Microsurgery mean?

Microsurgery is a branch of the surgical field where surgeons use specialized operating microscopes and precision instrumentation to repair complex and delicate structures, such as tiny blood vessels and nerves with a diameter less than a few inches. It is a very useful tool that enables the plastic surgeon to perform certain procedures, as it can offer a fifty-fold magnification.

TheConsultation explains Microsurgery

Microsurgery operations include a broad range of highly specialized procedures. Surgeons utilize microsurgery for intricate reconstructive surgery cases where other methods, like skin grafts or local flap transfer, are insufficient.

Especially in the last years, reconstructive microsurgery has made significant steps including its use in the emergence of hand and face transplantation. These methods provide hope to seriously injured patients whose condition cannot be managed by more conventional methods.

Although microsurgery can do miracles in reconstruction and replantation, the end result is not predictable. For specific traumatic injuries, normal function cannot be fully restored. In some cases, a single surgical procedure may not provide the desired outcomes, and additional operations may be necessary.

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