Suction Lipectomy

Definition - What does Suction Lipectomy mean?

Suction lipectomy, widely known as liposuction, is a cosmetic procedure which eliminates fat cells through small incisions with the use of a surgical suction cannula. It aims at improving the contour of the body and face in areas where there is localized accumulation of fat, establishing, that way, more symmetrical proportions of the various body parts.

Suction lipectomy does not treat obesity, but rather is recommended for the management of well-defined localized fat deposits.

TheConsultation explains Suction Lipectomy

The procedure can be performed either under general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or moderate sedation depending on the area to be treated, the extent of the problem and the plastic surgeon’s and patient’s preference. The final results are generally not obvious in the first 6-9 months.

Yet, a noticeable change is often visible only days after the procedure, since the initial swelling starts to go away. Sometimes, the post-operative look of the area seems to be quite the same as its pre-operative appearance. This is because of the swelling within the tissue that occasionally needs several weeks or even months to resolve.

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